Expert International
Real Estate Legal Counsel

Navigating Marbella property investments with confidence. You can rely on us to fully manage legal aspects in the years ahead.

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements

    Our bilingual lawyers draft favourable terms for all purchase and sale contracts. We negotiate the best price and conditions on your behalf and ensure proper title transfer.

  • Holding Companies and Tax Structures

    We analyse the possibility of formations of corporations or limited liability companies to hold property assets, conferring liability protection and tax advantages.

  • Filing Taxes, Permits and Other Compliance

    We handle annual tax filings, renewing business licence associated with rental activities, and any other compliance paperwork required of foreign owners.

Citizenship in Spain and Visa Support

We provide guidance on Spain’s Golden Visa program.

    • Requirements for Permanent Residency in Spain
    • Processes for obtaining residency permits for non-EU investors and family members
    • Renewal filing and ongoing compliance needs for your residency status
    • Advantages like travel access across Europe

Title Transfers and Closings

We ensure all ownership paperwork adheres precisely to Spanish legal conventions to avoid issues down the road.

    • Proper deed drafting and notarization
    • Processing title transfers with Land Registry Office
    • Confirming any lien removals or encumbrances
    • Filing for key permits, licences and utilities

Ongoing Property Management

Our expertise helps secure key protections for your investment.

    • Reviewing or drafting rental management agreements
    • Filing biennial company compliance paperwork
    • Addressing any disputes between owners and renters

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Investment Legal Counsel

Our real estate lawyers help international buyers navigate purchases, financing, contracts, taxes, citizenship, and rental management in Spain seamlessly. Schedule a consultation today.