Securing Optimal Spanish Financing
and Banking for International Property Investors

Mortgages and Loans
for Foreign Property Investors

We secure tailored Spanish mortgages from our trusted network of lender partners who understand overseas investors' needs.

  • Key Services

    • Assessing qualifications and required documentation
    • Negotiating the optimal interest rates and loan terms
    • Explaining specific requirements and processes in Spain
    • Navigating language barriers and paperwork
  • Creative Alternatives to Mortgages

    • Leveraging equity in existing properties
    • Private financing in Spain through peer-to-peer lending
    • Accommodating payment frequencies - monthly, quarterly, etc.
    • Account structures allowing flexible tax planning

Banking and Transfers

  • We streamline moving funds internationally

    • Multi-currency accounts to hold Euros and British Pounds seamlessly
    • Cost-efficient wire transfers and currency exchanges
    • Keeping required reserves and avoiding overdrafts
    • We identify routes to minimise Spanish bank charges and fees, saving significantly over time.

Taxes and Accounting

We provide continuing support around taxes, accounting, insurance and other financial aspects. We also allocate rental income, provide annual statements, and issue dividends.

  • Spanish wealth and property taxes

  • UK capital gains implications

  • Declaring rental income from your property

  • Leveraging allowances as a non-resident landlord

  • Financial statements detailing rental performance

  • Refinancing when beneficial to optimise terms

Spanish Insurance

We secure comprehensive coverage for your property. With end-to-end financial guidance, you make the most of your investment.

    • Liability insurance protecting against guest injuries/damages
    • Coverage for natural disasters, fire, vandalism
    • Options for loss of rental income
    • Getting optimal rates through bundled policies

Get Expert Financing Guidance
for Your Spanish Property Investment

Our financial specialists can help international investors secure optimal Spanish mortgages, private financing, transfers, insurance, and tax planning. Contact us today.